EARCOS 2008: Session 3 Kim Cofino Developing the Global Student

I tried using Twitter this morning to take notes in a conference session.  Did not really like it as a note-taking tool.  Now will try this.

Session 3: Kim Cofino: Developing the Global Student

  • How are students today different?
  • What are 21st century skills?
  • Effective learners
  • effective collaborators
  • effective creators
  • its just good teaching
  • can good teaching be truly effective without technology tools?

In our previous session we talked about technology plans and getting buy-in from teachers.  It needs to be a parallel conversation of series of conversations about technology integration, good teaching and the technology tools needed to support learning.  Asking teachers what they need does not necessarily guide a tech plan as teachers do not necessarily know what they do not know; they rely on the tech staff to guide them and tell them what is out there right now and what would be a good use of technology.  Asking tech staff what teachers should be doing and using also does not guide a tech plan either as techies know the technology and maybe even the pedagogical uses, but they do not really know the curriculum.  It needs to be an ongoing conversation.

Embedded technology not “integrated”

[slideshare id=161540&doc=developing-the-global-student-v2-1194743695449510-4&w=425]

Slideshow: Kim Cofino, ISB Bangkok