My name is Michael McGlade and I am currently the Director of Technology at The International School of Amsterdam.  My wife, Kerri, and I along with our two children, Riley and Kieran, love living and teaching overseas and all the ups and downs that go along with that.

As a learning leader at ISA, I am interested in the power of technology to facilitate individualized learning and differentiation. Technology tools, in the hands of teachers and students, allow learners to harness the web for infinite learning opportunities.

About the name of my blog, Learning 2.1: While it is most obviously a nod to the Web 2.0 and Learning 2.0 ideas, I want to show that we are moving on a bit from the idea of Learning 2.0 and tie in the idea of 21st century learning and skills. So the 2.1 is a play, albeit a fairly lame one, on version 2.1 and the current century. {My son also has Trisomy 21, which I don’t necessarily talk about in the blog, but is part of the fabric of what makes me me and what I think about kids and education.}


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